The Basics of Service

Who is the greatest person you’ve had the privilege of knowing? Not the most glamorous, but the greatest. You see, there’s a difference between glamor and greatness. Glamor impresses from a distance; greatness impacts up close. Glamor is on the outside; greatness is on the inside. Glamor draws attention to itself; greatness focuses attention on … [Read More…] The Basics of Service

What if Jesus’ love is the secret to an identity so deep, meaningful, rich, and lasting that all other identities fade into insignificance? What if the secret of abundant life is found in Jesus’ death-defying love? The Apostle John’s most defining, grounding, and meaningful identity was found in the simple fact that he was and always would be loved by Jesus. In the end, nothing else mattered. His accomplishments, connections, titles, writings, and even his very life faded in comparison to the blazing reality that he was loved by Jesus. And that love changed John forever.

Loved By Jesus

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These are one-off messages on special topics preached by our pastoral staff or guest speakers.

Single Messages

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