You know that moment in a superhero movie where all of a sudden the hero’s true identity is revealed, usually to a close friend? As an audience member, in that moment it’s like you’re in on the secret.


In the Gospel of Luke, we’ve seen Jesus revealing bits and pieces of who He is. Everyone’s asking, “Who is this Jesus?” But today marks a pivotal moment in the story because the hero’s true identity begins to be unveiled.


Jesus is with His closest friends and decides to let them in on the secret of His cosmic power. Jesus is lifting the veil, revealing His true identity, and we get to be part of the inner circle.


1. The Uncontrollable Storm

  • Jesus is the Commander of nature
  • At His Word, the wind and waves respond.


2. The Unassailable Captive

  • Jesus is the Commander of the supernatural.
  • Satan and his demons submit to Jesus.


3. The Untamable Lord

  • Jesus is the Commander of all.
  • Jesus is doing the work of God himself.


Takeaway: Jesus commands our attention


This is more than a mere man, a prophet, or even the Messiah. Jesus is the Commander of all. He’s not safe, but He’s good. He’s the King.