When being interviewed for a job, people are always asking about the same things: your background, your credentials, your qualifications, and your experience. They’re trying to see if there’s a fit between the job and what you have to offer. You’ve got to get the right person in the right assignment if you want to have the right outcomes.


In 1st century Israel, there was one position in particular that so many longed to see filled, the Messiah. Then one day, Jesus of Nazareth stepped out onto the stage of history as the Savior of the World.


Luke is going to show us that Jesus stands alone, uniquely prepared, to be a Savior like none other. Luke gives us three accounts concerning Jesus. His Baptism, His Genealogy, and His Temptation.


Let’s consider each of these accounts as we discover Jesus to be the Son of God, the Son of Man, and the Son of Righteousness.


1) Son of God – Luke 3:21–22
In His Baptism – We see Jesus is divine.

  • Jesus’ baptism brings hope to all of creation.

2) Son of Man – Luke 3:23–38
In His Genealogy – We see Jesus is human.

  • Son of David – heir of the throne.
  • Son of Abraham – heir of the promise.
  • Son of Adam – heir of humanity.

3) Son of Righteousness – Luke 4:1–13
In His Temptations – We see Jesus is perfect.

  • Jesus is the true and better Israel, Adam, and humanity.

Takeaway: Jesus is our only, all-sufficient Savior!