The World Turned Upside-Down

Sometimes in a movie, the scenes cut back and forth between two different characters in what appears to be two distinct plotlines…only for their storylines to suddenly merge unexpectedly.   Something like that is happening in our text this morning. We’ve met Zechariah and Elizabeth, and rejoiced with them when the angel Gabriel told them … [Read More…] The World Turned Upside-Down

What would Jesus sing? The most likely answer is the Psalms. This collection of songs was Jesus’ prayer book, used throughout His ministry. And if you look back at over 2,000 years of Christian tradition, you’ll find that the Psalms form the backbone of worship for the Church.The Psalms are at the heart of worship.In all seasons of spiritual life—when our souls need refreshing, when we need guidance, when we are full of swirling emotions, when we need a launch pad for prayer, when we simply want to give God praise—the Psalms give voice to the inner rumblings of our hearts.In this series, we explore four Psalms whose passages have timeless melodies that you can put on repeat through the seasons of your life.

Songs for Life

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In this series, we'll rediscover the basics of what it means to joyfully follow Christ and grow together as the family of God. The Christian life goes beyond programs to the inner life of the Spirit and the interdependencies of life together in the body of Christ. Together we'll rediscover the joyous life of Christ in the family of God!

Back to Basics

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