1,991 years ago, a Galilean carpenter turned Rabbi, who’d been crucified and buried for three days, arose and walked out of his tomb alive! In a moment that changed history forever, Jesus revealed His death-defying life for all the world to see!


Let’s go back 3 years before that Resurrection morning to the early days of Jesus’ ministry.
Jesus has performed miraculous signs. Everyone marveled at His authority and power; they’d never seen anything like it!


And now, Jesus is about to reveal His astonishing authority over death and His power of resurrection life! And for some, this was the day they got their lives back!


In this passage we discover Jesus as…

  • The Rescuer
  • The Restorer
  • The Resurrection


The Rescuer:

Jesus banished death to rescue life.

  • He simply speaks and death flees!
  • Jesus is the Word made flesh. His word is life.
  • The Centurion and his servant got their lives back.


The Restorer:

Jesus plundered death to restore life.

  • He reached down into death and reclaimed this young man’s life!
  • This was the day the young man and his mother got their life back!


The Resurrection:

Jesus surrendered to death to resurrect life.

  • Jesus is the eternal life incarnate.
  • When we finally come to the end of ourselves, that’s when Jesus shows up.


Takeaway: This could be the day you get your life back!