When comparing Jesus’ Sermon on the Plain in Luke with Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount in Matthew, we get the same core message. But in Luke, Jesus is much more efficient and to the point.


This means in Luke, we’re getting the core of Jesus’ central message. There are 3 major elements:

  1. The Blessings and Woes
    • What is the good life?
  2. The Ethics of Love
    • What is the good way?
  3. The Closing Parables
    • What is a good person?

Today, our focus is on that middle section – Jesus’ Ethics of Love: What is the good way?


We will be following three key phrases that build into one complete sentence: Love your enemies as your Father does, with overflowing mercy.

  1. Love Your Enemies
    • By loving your enemies you are:
      • Embracing the Kingdom of Heaven.
      • Breaking the cycle of violence.
      • Reclaiming your agency.
      • Opening up a window of grace.
    • The good way overcomes evil with good.
  2. As Your Father Does
    • The good way to love your enemies is to love even when it’s not reciprocal.
    • We were once God’s enemies, but Jesus laid down his life for us.
    • The good way follows in our Father’s footsteps.
  3. With Overflowing Mercy
    • In God’s mercy, he moved toward us, His enemies, with forgiveness and generosity.
    • Mercy is:
      • Eager to forgive.
      • Triumphant over judgment.
      • Full of lavish grace.
    • The good way unites in the hope of redemption.

Takeaway: As an apprentice of the good way of Jesus, who will you extend love to this week? Love Your Enemies as your father does, with Overflowing Mercy. This is the good way of Jesus.