The World Turned Upside-Down

Sometimes in a movie, the scenes cut back and forth between two different characters in what appears to be two distinct plotlines…only for their storylines to suddenly merge unexpectedly.   Something like that is happening in our text this morning. We’ve met Zechariah and Elizabeth, and rejoiced with them when the angel Gabriel told them … [Read More…] The World Turned Upside-Down

Jesus is a King like no other. Most kings make it about themselves. They wield power, authority, and strength for their own benefit. But not Jesus. Jesus is the King who came to serve. He laid down all His rights and privileges in love to rescue us. From His place of glory, He came all the way down to the fringes of this broken world to redeem the very people everyone else had given up on. Jesus knew the secret to the upside-down kingdom: that in giving ourselves away, we actually get ourselves back. Come discover the beauty of Jesus, the Servant King, who invites us all to follow Him!

The Gospel of Luke

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This often-neglected book is brimming with spiritual insights. Together we’ll learn about the holiness of God, the richness of His mercies, what it means for us to worship Him as He deserves, and where our true hope lies in troubled times.

Tough Love \ Tender Mercies

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