Great Things

When things get personal, everything changes. It’s one thing to see someone on a screen. It’s quite another to encounter them in real life when things become personal, tangible, and real.   That’s what’s happened with Mary. All those years reading her Bible, and now it was happening to her! God chose her to bear … [Read More…] Great Things

This Advent we’ll be walking through four vignettes from the Gospel of Luke that surround Jesus’ coming in a series are entitled “The Greatness of Christmas.” Throughout the series, we’ll explore four vignettes, four opportunities to pause, and let the wonder in as we reflect on “The Greatness of Christmas.”

The Greatness of Christmas

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In this series, we'll rediscover the basics of what it means to joyfully follow Christ and grow together as the family of God. The Christian life goes beyond programs to the inner life of the Spirit and the interdependencies of life together in the body of Christ. Together we'll rediscover the joyous life of Christ in the family of God!

Back to Basics

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