The Basics of Community

In this sermon we come to one of those sections of the Bible that we might be tempted to skip over. At the end of Chapter 2 in Philippians, Paul takes 12 verses to describe his travel plans along with the travel itineraries of two other individuals: Timothy and Epaphroditus. Why should we care? By … [Read More…] The Basics of Community

The story of Joseph—the son of Jacob and the great-grandson of Abraham—is an example of a life lived under the sovereign hand of God. It’s a story full of faith-building themes like integrity, faithfulness, trust, and forgiveness. Above it all is the loving and powerful hand of our Heavenly Father, who directs all things for the fulfillment of His promises, for our ultimate good and His eternal glory. Join us as we explore the ways the Lord leads His people through hardships and blessings, and learn to trust our mighty God more than ever.

Joseph: A Story of God's Sovereignty

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What a person believes about Jesus is the most important factor in how they live their life. Our study in Colossians shows us how to fully trust and obey Christ's teachings. Jesus went all in for us; will we go all in for Him?

All In For Jesus

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