In these early days of His ministry, Jesus has been disclosing more and more of His authority and power. He’s cast out demons, forgiven sins, and most recently he’s raised the dead.


Everyone is asking the question: Who is this Jesus?


Some consider Him a healer; others think He’s a great prophet. Still, others wonder if He’s the Messiah who would restore the Kingdom and make all things new. And just when it seems like there can be no doubt of who this Jesus is, doubt arises from the most unlikely source, John the Baptist.


John the Baptist began to wonder out loud if Jesus really was the Messiah. What gives rise to this doubt is stemming from John the Baptist’s Disappointment with God. John had all these expectations and Jesus wasn’t delivering on them.


Disappointment with God is something many of us can relate to. In this passage we find three scenarios in which disappointment with God so often arises.

  • When Hope is Deferred
  • When Prayers go Unanswered
  • When Desires are Frustrated


When Hope is Deferred

  • Why doesn’t God fix everything right now?
  • Would you dare to believe I have purpose in this pause?
  • Why God doesn’t just fix everything right now: because He doesn’t want any to perish and He longs for all to reach repentance.


When Prayers go Unanswered

  • Why isn’t God intervening in my situation?
  • Would you dare to trust my goodness in this grief?
  • When God says “no” to His children, He always does so from love.


When Desires are Frustrated
The topic shifts from John’s disappointment with God to the Pharisee’s disappointment with God.

  • Why can’t God just play by our rules?
  • We want a customized God, made in our own image.
  • Would you dare to hold onto My character in this confusion?


Takeaway: Would you dare to let God be God?