"Bringing Glory to God Through the Transformation of Lives"

Moody Church Media is home to over three decades of Pastor Lutzer’s teaching, and we have an even longer history of sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. Our founder, D.L. Moody, had a passion to share the Gospel with everyone, everywhere—to the very ends of the Earth—a mantle we carry today. Within our website you will find teaching and resources that will enable you to go deeper in your walk with Christ today.

Radio Programs

Moody Church Media is home to Running to Win, The Moody Church Hour, and Songs in the Night with Pastor Erwin Lutzer. Our programs are heard over the air in more than 15 countries—and all over the world through our website! From entire Sunday morning services to bite-sized radio programs, there is something here for every listener.


Within our site you have access to the teaching of Pastor Erwin W. Lutzer—including articles, blogs, and over 30 years of sermons! And as you dig through our archives, you’ll find materials from our rich history—from former senior pastors like Harry A. Ironside, Alan Redpath and of course, D.L. Moody (just to name a few). Here is your all-in-one stop to find countless resources to deepen your faith.

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