What kind of story are we living in? Is life a comedic story? Or is it a tragic story? We call those who see life as a comedy, optimists. Their cheery outlook drives innovation, entertainment, and hopefulness. As for those who see life as a tragic story, we call them pessimists. They are honest about the pain and struggle life has to offer. 


But there’s a third kind of story… a redemptive story. Redemptive stories see the brokenness of the world for what it is, but the light always breaks through. 


The Bible characters we meet today, Simeon and Anna, see life as a redemptive story. These two aged saints have spent their whole lives awaiting the redemption of God… 


1) The Sign of Redemption 2:22-24


As Mary and Joseph redeem their firstborn son and present Jesus to the Lord. They are acknowledging they’re living in God’s redemptive story.


God has redeemed… we owe Him our everything! 


2) The Hope of Redemption 2:25-33


Simon and Anna were waiting for the consolation of Israel. They were anticipating her redemption and longing for her salvation.


God will redeem… we look to Him for everything!


3) The Cost of Redemption 2:34-40


The redemption of Israel can only come through the suffering of the Servant of the Lord, Jesus.


God is redeeming… we’re receiving His Everything!


Takeaway: Redemption is here, and His name is Jesus!


This is not a feel-good comedy, neither is this a depressive tragedy. This is a redemptive story. It’s the story we live in, by grace through faith. It’s a story worth trusting in, hoping upon, and waiting for. It’s the story of Jesus. Our Light, our Glory, and our Redeemer!


Luke 2:22-40