The story of Jesus’ coming is full of curious surprises. Nothing is routine in this story! With every turn comes another twist, a reinforcement that this is no ordinary child.


And the events we’re about to examine today are no exception. Every first-century Jewish couple, upon having a child, were to go to the temple to offer a sacrifice for purification, and, in the case of a firstborn son, to pay the price of his redemption.


But when Mary and Joseph show up at the temple for what they must have assumed would be a routine, straightforward process, they were met with yet another curious surprise. Two curious surprises, actually: two individuals named Simeon and Anna. And although they’d never met them before, these two were waiting for their arrival.


In this curious and surprising account, we’re going to catch 3 glimpses of the redemption God:


  • The Portrayal of Redemption: God deserves the firstborn. Every time a firstborn son was born into a Jewish family, they would go to the temple and be reminded: Not only that everything they had was a gift of grace that ultimately belonged to God, but that God had given their firstborn son’s life back twice; once, through the blood of a lamb, and again, through the payment of the price of redemption. So, it is for this “redemption of the firstborn” that Mary and Joseph come and present Jesus in the temple. All of this is a portrayal of God’s redemption.
  • The Prospect of Redemption: God rescues His firstborn. That’s what Simeon and Anna were waiting for! They were waiting for the ONE who would redeem God’s firstborn son, Israel. They were waiting for Messiah. Jesus is the Savior who will surely redeem God’s firstborn son, Israel. But more than that, He’s the lamb who takes away the sin of the world!
  • The Prophecy of Redemption: God gives His firstborn. God gives up his firstborn Son for us; to redeem us, to save us. and to rescue us.


Takeaway: God gave us His Son to redeem many sons for glory.


Who would ever have thought that the God, to whom we owe everything, in grace, would give up everything for us? That He would give up his firstborn Son to bring many sons and daughters to glory?


Luke 2:21-38


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