When things get personal, everything changes. It’s one thing to see someone on a screen. It’s quite another to encounter them in real life when things become personal, tangible, and real.


That’s what’s happened with Mary. All those years reading her Bible, and now it was happening to her! God chose her to bear a baby boy who will be the Savior of the World, the King of Israel, the Son of God. The Biblical stories of God’s saving intervention went from an abstract, distant, history to being personal, tangible, and real.


In this passage from Luke 1:39-56, Mary’s song of praise, called the “Magnificat,” is the first Christmas carol that overflows from her heart. This beautiful song shows us the kind of heart God wants to bring to life in each of us this Christmas as we pause and let the wonder in.


  1. Heart of Faith: Mary’s heart is filled with faith because she realizes and becomes sure that God holds true to His Word. How about you?
  2. Heart of Joy: Mary’s heart is filled with joy because she understands that God blesses unlikely people. How about you?
  3. Heart of Hope: Mary’s heart is filled with hope because God is setting the world to rights. Jesus’ coming means that world is being turned upside-down, or should we say right-side-up. How about you?


Takeaway: When it’s personal, everything changes.


The reason Mary’s heart is filled with faith, joy, and hope, overflowing in this chorus of wonder, awe, and praise Is because God became personal to her. Has there ever been a moment when the Lord God became personal to you?


God wants to fill your heart with faith, joy, and hope this Christmas. And that happens when we allow God to get personal with us. And the only way that happens is when we come to him like Mary, humble, lowly, and hungry.


It’s the only way He can bless us. It’s the only way we can have Him. For most of us, it’s our pride, might, and riches that get in the way, so we’re faithless, joyless, and hopeless.


But if you’ll come humbly, you will receive mercy; come lowly, and you will be lifted up; come hungry, and you will be filled.


May this be the Christmas when it all becomes personal to you and your heart is filled with faith, joy, and hope.


Luke 1:39-56


Watch Living the Message episode: https://youtu.be/yVVaxJjrlAY