In many ways, the Book of Philippians is kind of a thank you note from the Apostle Paul. Because of Paul’s financial hardships under house arrest in Rome, the Philippian believers pooled their resources and sent him a gift to sustain him. Epaphroditus was their courier entrusted with the gift. Now Epaphroditus is headed back to Philippi with this letter in hand we now know as Philippians.


So, this letter is a kind of thank you note. Except, Paul never actually says “thank you.” In fact, it’s one of the worst thank you notes ever. But as we explore this passage, we’ll see that Paul is giving us the inside scoop on how we can be truly rich.


Those who are truly rich value three things:


  • The Freedom of Contentment: The truly rich choose to live with open hands. In Christ, we have far greater resources than money can ever provide.
  • The Power of Generosity: The truly rich know it is more blessed to give than to receive. Those blessings come both now (giving changes us) and later (storing up Heavenly treasure).
  • The Treasures of Eternity: The truly rich prize the eternal value of God’s Word and God’s people. There is no greater return in investment than to invest in God’s Word and God’s people. No other investment is as secure, of higher significance, or yields greater satisfaction.


Takeaway: Where you treasure is, there will your heart be also. Where is your heart?


Philippians 4:10-23