In 1961, at the start of training camp, Vince Lombardi walked into the locker room of the Green Bay Packers and spoke what would become one of the most iconic lines in sports history: “Gentlemen, this is a football!” He was reminding them of the fundamentals. He was going back to basics.


It’s easy to forget the basics, to neglect the core disciplines of a winning team. Lombardi knew no amount of trick plays or player talent would matter if they didn’t master the basics of the game.


And the same thing is true of our Christian lives. If we want to be joyously in love with Jesus, overflowing with the fruit of the Spirit, growing together as the family of God, we must be engaged in the bases of life with Jesus.


It’s time to get Back to Basics.


And to help us do that, I know of no better place to turn than to the Apostle Paul’s letter to the Philippians, because it’s all about getting back to basics of following hard after Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit and the interdependencies of life in the family of God.


For followers of Jesus, the Gospel, the Good News that God is reconciling all things to himself (including us!) through His Son, Jesus. The Good News that changes everything.


In these verses, we’ll discover 4 fruits of the Gospel in our lives:


  1. Our Gospel Family: The gospel enfolds us into uncommon unity. One of the ways you know the gospel is at work is that it brings together people who would never otherwise hang out with one another. Will we allow the gospel to redefine our social circle?
  2. Our Gospel Charity: The gospel infuses in us unexpected affections. The gospel of grace forges deep connections between members of the body of Christ. It teaches us to love one another with the love of Christ himself. Will we allow the gospel to realign our hearts’ affections?
  3. Our Gospel Destiny: The gospel is ushering us to unforeseen glories. The Gospel has bound us together as a family, and given us the affection of Christ for one another, so that the love of Christ might abound in our lives and sweeping us along toward this common destiny of being conformed to the image of Christ to the glory and praise of God! Will we allow the gospel to refocus our dreams?
  4. Our Gospel Priority: The gospel empowers us for unselfish mission. The gospel teaches us to gladly serve and sacrifice for the sake of the gospel. Will we allow the gospel to reprioritize our lives?


It is the good news of Jesus that changes everything.


Philippians 1:1-18