In the business world, most of the time companies are competing in an established market, each trying to marginally outdo the others. But every so often, a market disruptor breaks in.


Instead of competing in the existing market space, disruptors redefine the space altogether. Disruptors break in and upend everything, changing the world as we know it forever.


2,000 years ago, the ultimate disruptor broke in and upended the world forever. The Son of God entered into space and time as a baby born in Bethlehem. In that moment, the Kingdom of Heaven broke into this weary world.


In this sermon, we’ll explore three themes: Jesus’ coming is…


1) Upending Power


There’s a Power behind the power.


Real power is when the power-brokers unknowingly do your bidding, and they think it’s all their idea! That’s precisely what we see happening with Caesar’s decree. It might look like Caesar is large and in charge, but behind his power there’s a greater Power that is working all things together for His glory and the good of His people, and No one can thwart the redemptive plans of our God.


This is such good news for those of us who often feel so powerless. How good it is to know that our God is on His throne, and no one can thwart His redemptive plans for our lives.


2) Upending Nobility


There’s a nobility beyond the nobles.


God lifted up these lowly shepherds and crowned them with honor. God bypasses the cultural elites, the nobles, and instead elevates these poor, lowly, nobodies and brings them into the fullness of His joy. He ennobles them by His gracious invitation, for to be chosen by God is a nobility beyond anything this world can offer.


This is such good news for those of us who often feel so overlooked. How good it is to know that our God sees us all, that He invites us—the lowest, the least, and the left-behind—to share in His joy.


3) Upending Honor


There’s an honor beneath the honored.


It is the beauty of Jesus that transfigures this manger—a filthy, mundane, trough fit only for barnyard animals becomes a cradle for the newborn King!


Most people think honor is something you amass, acquire, and build toward. But Jesus shows us that’s all wrong. According to Jesus, the road to honor runs not up but down. Resurrection comes through the cross. Glory comes through a manger.


This is such good news for those of us who often feel so damaged. How good it is to know that our God is a Redeemer! His grace transfigures wherever it falls!


Takeaway: This great upending is good news of great joy for all people.


Luke 2:1–21