God is a missional God. The Father sends the Son to redeem the world. And Jesus sends us, His disciples, to the ends of the earth with the message of salvation by grace through faith in Him. We are commissioned by Jesus to show and share the love of God wherever we go.


All of us are sent out on mission by Jesus, and there are valuable lessons we need in this passage…


1. The Plan

Jesus appoints 72 disciples, puts them into 36 pairs, and sends them out on mission into the towns and villages ahead of Him.

  • This mission requires dependency.
  • Go as Ambassadors of Kingdom Peace.

2. The Stakes

As the 72 disciples go as ambassadors of kingdom peace, what’s on the line?

  • With great light comes great responsibility.
  • Go with a Message of Eternal Consequence.

3. The Joy

From the weight of woes, now we turn to see the joys of blessing.

  • Your name is written in heaven as a free gift of grace from your Father though the Son by the Spirit.
  • Go in the Beloved Security of Divine Intimacy.

Takeaway: Go and Join Jesus on a Mission in Your World.