Three Lessons from Palm Sunday

On Palm Sunday, as Christians across the United States begin Holy Week celebrations in their homes, Pastor Michael Best shares with us three insights from Jesus’ arrival in Jerusalem. How does this story help to center on our minds on the truth of the gospel at a time when many of us are feeling confused … [Read More…] Three Lessons from Palm Sunday

These are one-off messages on special topics preached by our pastoral staff or guest speakers.

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What is the Christian life supposed to look like? How does real faith in God affect how we live in the real world? It’s more than right thought; it’s right living borne out of a relationship with God through Jesus. Drawing on wisdom from the Sermon on the Mount and the book of Proverbs, the letter from James shows us how to live out our faith by addressing everyday issues with practical instruction, and reveals how real faith has an impact on real life.

Real Life Real Faith

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