We exist to serve all women of The Moody Church, encouraging and equipping them to know, love, and serve Jesus and others. We take seriously Paul’s admonitions in Titus 2:3-5, which instructs women to teach other women, encouraging one another, and training up young women to be strong in the faith.


Women’s Get-Together

NOTE: Our July 26 meeting has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. We hope to be able to hold another gathering in a couple of weeks. Stay tuned for details!


Otherwise, our ministries continue meeting online. Our Women’s Community is meets via Zoom on Sundays at 8:30am; click here for the Zoom login, or you can dial in if you prefer. The number is 312-626-6799, and the meeting ID is 495-750-037.


We also have a prayer call every weekday morning, as well as a Friday evening “Real Talk for Women” (see below for details).


Questions? Email me!


~ Mary Lowman, Director of Women’s Ministries

Moody Church Women Ministry

Being sisters in Christ is a blessing, but it carries with it a responsibility to care for, pray for, and love one another. We’d love to introduce you to some special women we love — and who we know you’ll love too! Once a month we’ll feature a different Moody Church woman; as you read their testimonies we encourage you to pray for them.

We are so thankful that God has sent us a new Senior Pastor, and are so looking forward to getting to know him and his wife and family!


Pastor Philip Miller begins his ministry with us this coming Sunday, July 5.


His wife Krista will be joining us for a Zoom event this Thursday, July 2, at 7pm.


Please join us to give Krista and her four children a warm and welcoming introduction to the women of The Moody Church.


We’ll have a delightful time interviewing Krista and the children, giving you a perfect opportunity to meet them.


Beginning their ministry at The Moody Church in the middle of a pandemic can’t be ideal. The church Sanctuary will be empty for a while. But we can extend her a truly warm and gracious welcome, even on Zoom!


Click here for the Zoom link, or you can call in at 312-626-6799 (the meeting ID is 845 9780 2074).


If you have any questions, contact me at Mary.Lowman@moodychurch.org.

Jeannie Choi was very active in our church while she lived in Chicago. She moved to San Diego for a job opportunity, but she stays in touch with her church family here via Veritas and Facebook.  And she is praying for a job opportunity here so she can return.  Her testimony is a wonderful story of how God has used COVID-19 to begin a reconciliation with her mother.


Restoration and hope during a pandemic


I come from a very broken and abusive family and have been estranged from my mother for a handful of years. I was going to write a brief letter to her and take it really slow in hopes of carefully rebuilding trust, but when this pandemic broke out, God had other plans. I worried for her safety since she is in the vulnerable older population and felt compelled to call her instead, which took a lot of courage and prayer to do.


To my surprise, she was really happy I called, which stirred a lot of mixed emotions within me. I really missed her and a potential mother-daughter relationship I always wanted. I further grieved over generational sin and how it robbed both of us a healthy parent-child and family relationship and environment.


During our time apart, I had the privilege of taking the much needed space and time to receive weekly counseling with trusted Godly counsel for many years along with the love and support of church communities and spiritual families. These were critical years for my healing and growth. Now as an adult, deeply rooted in Christ as my identity, I am able to see my mom with eyes of compassion instead of hurt and resentment as a child would. Without God, it would not have been possible for me to “flip the switch” within me to see her more with His eyes and not my own. I also had to learn to accept that she will probably never apologize or change, but that I had to accept her for who she was and to trust the Lord with the rest.


Although not “perfect”, our conversations have been a blessing. We got to catch up a bit, learn more about each other, have real-talk discussions about her past and the chaotic house we once lived in. I even got to share my testimony with her, which she asked about for the first time! I am so happy that she is more receptive to God than before and even involved with a church she started to attend recently. The Lord had it all figured out way ahead of time and here I was worried, ha ha! I am further in awe of God’s grace, power, and sovereignty.


Moving forward, it is my hope to get a job and move back to Chicago as soon as possible from San Diego to be with my mom and church communities. It would be my honor and joy to finally spend more quality time with my mom, create positive memories, be a blessing, and take care of her as she ages.

Carol Halm is our missionary to Austria, where she works in a ministry to refugees called Oasis.  There are thousands in the refugee community, mostly Muslim, and Carol has been there for over 30 years, after accepting Christ as her Savior at The Moody Church.  Get to know her—pray for her!  She is a special woman.


Oasis has been shut down because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and I’ve been isolated and alone now these last eight weeks. I’ve discovered  that there’s no lack of good works that the Lord has prepared for me each day. I can easily still keep in contact with many, including some refugee women, and be a part of virtual groups, several from Moody church, which has been quite a treat for me. I’ve also enjoyed the quiet and opportunity to listen more to God, go for walks and pray.


And God has spoken! I’ve always enjoyed being well organized and having all my ducks in a very tidy row. However, my gift does have a down side, and it’s been highlighted to me by the Lord (like with a bright yellow neon marker) too often to miss over the last weeks that I over plan, at times to a fault, wanting to have every detail worked out and every box ticked. This results in needless worry and much wasted time.


The last several years I have thought a lot (too much) about my future. I’m 62. What will retirement be like? When should I retire? Will I have enough money to live where I want to live, like in Chicago, for example? Should I just stay in Austria, where things are less expensive and I’m comfortable in many ways? But then, what about my 10 siblings in the US, many of whom don’t know the Lord? I’d always thought, and wanted, to return to the US one day. And on, and on and on ….


The reality is that I don’t know what tomorrow will bring (as this crisis has shown us all). So focusing so much on the future is not a good plan. I’ve meditated much on Proverbs 3:5 the last weeks, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding.” I see that I need to grow in trust and let go when I start to get consumed and driven to understand and have all the answers. Leaning on me is actually kind of insane. I don’t have all the answers; it makes much more sense to lean on God who does.


So I am trying to learn to leave the details of my life to God to work out step by step according to His plan, not only for my future, but also for my today.

Weekdays at 7:00am via Zoom


Join Mary Lowman, Director of Women’s Ministry, every weekday morning as we come together to pray for our church, our families, and ourselves. You’ll be able to listen to and pray with your sisters in Christ.

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  • You can also dial in by phone by calling 312-626-6799
  • Meeting ID: 834 236 735
  • Password: 675773

Alternate Fridays at 7:00pm via Zoom 


Real Talk for Women is a place where you can connect and grow in your faith in a safe space. Together we’ll learn how to honor God when navigating today’s popular culture topics and temptations.


Our next Real Talk is Friday July 24 at 7:00pm.  Our topic is Finding Light in Dark Times. We’ll discuss how to access God’s authentic joy when life is difficult.


We begin at 7:00pm, and all women are invited. Join us at the Zoom link below.

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  • You can also dial in at 312.626.6799
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