Freedom Sisters

Freedom Sisters is a Bible Study Ministry to the detainees at Cook County Jail. We know that the Gospel is what truly sets us free. We want to share this good news of freedom with our neighbors and community including those who can not physically join us in Church on a Sunday morning.


Who should be involved:


The answer is simple: Not everyone. You need to be comfortable in a jail environment, not fearful or intimidated. You need to relate to the women as one woman to another, seeing them as a woman who, like you, needs Jesus.


You should recognize that jail ministry is not glamorous. You should be motivated by a calling from the Lord Jesus Christ and be confident that He wants you to be involved.


What is the Commitment:


  • To be faithful: You will be assigned one Sunday each month; you’ll meet at church for prayer, then leave as a group to the Cook County Jail. At the jail, you and another volunteer will meet with a small group of detainees and lead them through a Bible Study.
  • To be real: The women will know if you are not sincere. Just relate to them as one woman to another.
  • To obey all the rules: It is a privilege to be able to conduct these Bible studies, and we are very careful to follow all the rules and guidelines set down for us by the Sheriff’s Office. These will be explained in detail once you are a Freedom Sister.


How to get involved:


Please prayerfully consider whether this is something that fits with your gifts and if you would be able to make the necessary commitment. If so, please complete The Moody Church application below as soon as possible!


You will then be interviewed by Claire VanderHart or Geri Ezeocha. Once you are approved, you will need to complete a Cook County application and background check, which will be submitted to the Sheriff’s Office for their approval. After approval from the Sheriff’s Office, you will be required to attend a training session at the jail. The first step is to apply below.


Caris provides counseling and resources to women during and after unplanned pregnancies. Their office is located in the Loop, and they serve the greater Chicago area in a variety of ways.


How to get involved: 


  • Donate: Each year, around Mother’s Day, the Women’s Ministry at Moody Church gathers donations for Caris. Direct donations are also welcomed by Caris throughout the year.
  • Volunteer: The 3:17 Connection is an opportunity to directly connect with a Caris client. This opportunity facilitates a variety of additional supports to that client such as larger donations of larger items like strollers and furniture or other services.
  • Volunteer: Caris requires volunteers at their front desk. This is a great opportunity for friendly faces who are interested in helping clients check-in to their appointments.
  • Pray: The prayer newsletter is a wonderful way to stay informed about pray requests at Caris. Prayer is a wonderful way for us to support Caris and the mothers in our community.
  • Refer: Perhaps you know someone who is experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. They can find free help and resources through the Caris website or by calling 312.229.5700.

Naomi's House

Naomi’s House programs provide comprehensive services for hope and healing to victims of sex trafficking. These programs are a safe place–fostering healing and faith in Christ that leads to life-transformation.


Naomi’s House:


  • Faith-based, rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Trauma-informed, integrated with expert therapists and staff
  • Committed to her full healing, believing she is the best advocate for her own care

Naomi’s House provides tailored support to victims and survivors wherever they are. Whether that is fully ingrained in commercial sexual exploitation, preparing to leave it, or beginning a new life of their own, we want women to know that they are not alone.


How to get involved: 


There are a variety of volunteer options at Naomi’s House. The West Loop location is especially in need of volunteers.