What does God want from us? It’s a confusing and frustrating question, but we can find a helpful answer in Micah 6:1-8 where God gives Israel a clear answer.


Three things the Lord requires: do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with your God. So, what does this answer mean?


  1. Do Justice: In the original Hebrew, the term is “misphat”, meaning justice. Justice is advocacy, generosity, and action. The early church was famous for all three of these: advocacy for racial and gender equality, generosity in their provision for the poor, and action in rescuing babies from infanticide and women from pagan temple prostitution. Many scholars point out that the early church grew at an astonishing rate in part because of how the people of God reflected the beautiful heart of God in justice through these actions, and people couldn’t resist this beauty.
  2. Love Kindness: The English translates this requirement as kindness, but the Hebrew word, “chesed,” can be translated as steadfast love. But perhaps the best approximation of this term between the English and Hebrew is “compassionate loyalty.”
  3. Walk Humbly: True justice (misphat) and kindness (chesed) manifest themselves in true humility before God. True humility is only possible through a humble intimate walk with God, otherwise it becomes self-righteousness and false humility.


So, what does God require? He requires all of you because Jesus gave us all of Himself. He requires not just your liturgy, but your life. Not just your works, but your heart. Not just your intentions, but your pride.



  • Do Justice: Where do you see your world broken?
  • Love Kindness: How is your heart breaking for the world?
  • Walk Humbly: What would my God have me do?


Micah 6:1-8