We live in anxious times; it’s a world of worry out there. Are you struggling to sleep at night due to anxiety? Are you fearful of what may happen in the future? Psalm 127:1–2 is a beautiful reminder of how God’s beloved children can find peace from a world full of worry.


In this sermon, we’ll discover that our ability to experience the peace of Christ in our lives is dependent on our ability to trust Him in all circumstances.


5 Practical takeaways for God’s beloved: how do we allow God to keep and build our lives on solid foundations?


  1. Communion with God.
  2. Time in God’s Word.
  3. Community with God’s people.
  4. Seek God’s perspective.
  5. Rest in God’s sovereignty.


True rest in an anxious world is seeing the very real possibility of our worst fears right around the corner and know that the God who calls you His beloved is sovereign over it all.


Psalm 127:1–2