Do you struggle with honest doubts about the Christian faith? Have you ever wondered what’s the payoff for living a life of faith compared to the secular world?


In this sermon, we explore Asaph’s doubts from Psalm 73. Asaph was a musician who almost lost his faith; we would say he almost “deconstructed.” But he came out the other side spiritually stronger.


Asaph gives three reasons for his doubts, but also explains three mistakes he had made when entertaining those doubts.


1) Asaph explains his doubts (v. 1–15). Three doubts Asaph had:

  • The wicked are wealthier than he was.
  • The wicked are healthier than he was.
  • The wicked seems to enjoy life more than he did.


2) Asaph was kept from “deconstructing” when he realized his mistakes (v. 16–28). Three mistakes Asaph made:

  • He had overestimated the wealth of the ungodly.
  • He had underestimated his own wealth.
  • He had been swept away by how he felt, not by what he knew to be true.


Takeaway: Come to God with your doubts; think life through to the very end.


The only thing that really matters is what matters forever.


Psalm 73