Reputations are fragile things…you can spend a lifetime crafting a good reputation only to see it shattered by a moment of weakness, a lapse in judgment, and by sin. What do we do with our past? Are we always under the cloud, the indictment of our past actions?


Today, in John chapter 4, we have the privileges of pursuing what we hear from God and hopefully gain a kingdom perspective regarding reputations.


The context: The shortest distance to return to Galilee would be to go through the territory known as Samaria. But here’s the rub. The Jews and the Samaritans do not like each other.


Jesus did not go through Samaria to save time, Jesus did not go through Samaria to save steps; Jesus went to Samaria to save a Samaritan woman.



  1. Who is Jesus to you?
  2. What does Jesus say to you, about you?
  3. Why share the Gospel?