No one wants to be on the wrong side of history.  As it was in the days of Jesus, so it is today.


Our passage for this sermon takes place at a time when it seemed to some that the right side of history was about to be revealed. The people of Jesus’ day believed that Jesus was about to ride into Jerusalem on a white horse and overturn the existing ruling order; they didn’t understand Jesus and His mission.


But then Jesus tells a parable about a king, his servants, and investments of minas with a message that surprised the audience: there is no such thing as safety and neutrality when it comes to the Kingdom of Heaven.


Takeaways: The King is coming back, and so…

  • Our greatest need is not fruitfulness, it is faithfulness.
  • Our greatest call is not awareness, it is readiness.
  • Our greatest problem is not sin, it is God.


In the end, history will be divided into two sides. Which side will you be on?


Luke 19:11–27