Abundant life! A life rich in meaning, full of purpose, thick with substance, durable and flourishing—that’s the kind of life we all want. It’s the kind of life that deep down we know we were made for. And it’s the kind of life Jesus is offering those who will follow Him.


When Jesus says, “Come, follow me!”, He’s inviting you on the four-stage Journey of a Lifetime to know God, feed your soul, grow in love, and change your world. It’s a spiritual journey of abundant life—the life you and I were made for—and it all starts when we respond to Jesus’ invitation to follow Him.


In this sermon, taken from Luke 15:1-2 and 11-32, we focus on the first stage in the journey and what it means to know God through worship. The story Jesus tells in this passage is nothing short of brilliant. Jesus shows us three things:

  1. The Purpose of Our Lives: We are made to come alive in joyous relationship with God.
  2. The Problem We All Have: Through both irreligion and religion, we estrange ourselves from God.
  3. The Pursuit We Can’t Live Without: God relentlessly pursues His lost sons and daughters in redeeming love.


Takeaways: Know God through Worship.


You were made to Know God, to rejoice in His presence, to bask in his love, to delight in His goodness, and to come alive in worship of Him! And Jesus came from Heaven to Earth to make God known to you and to make it possible for you to know God and worship Him in joy forever.


Isn’t it time you said “yes” to gathering regularly for worship?


Luke 15:1-2 & 11-32


Living the Message episode: https://youtu.be/P2bRDes-jJc