Everybody wants to change their world. And while there are lots of beneficial ways we can help make our world a better place, if you want to change your world in a way that matters for eternity, there’s no better way to change your world than to join Jesus in His mission of redeeming the entire world!


How do we join Jesus on mission in our world?


In this sermon, we’ll see how the Gospel gives us three things to change our world:


  1. New Motivation: The Gospel gives us a new motivation to live for King Jesus.
  2. New Perspective: The Gospel changes how we see the world as we look to the New Creation.
  3. New Assignment: The Gospel gives us a new assignment as ambassadors on mission.


Takeaway: Change Your World Through Mission


Do you want to change your world in a way that matters for eternity? God is, in Christ, reconciling all things to Himself, bringing in the New Creation where King Jesus will make all things new when He returns.


And we have the privilege and responsibility of being ambassadors of that coming reality. Everywhere we go, wherever we live, work, learn or play, we go as representatives of Jesus.


2 Corinthians 5:14-21


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