Each of us is more than just a body; we’re also a soul. And as our bodies need calories for nourishment, our souls need nourishment as well to live and thrive. What can satisfy our soul’s hunger?


In this passage from John 15:4-13, we’ll explore Jesus’ invitation to feed our souls through community.


  1. The Soul’s Design: Our souls were made for an abiding connection with the abundant, pulsating, and vibrant life of God Himself. Jesus came to die for our since and rise again to make us right with God, so that we might have an abiding connection with God through Jesus.
  2. The Soul’s Health: Our souls thrive in the indwelling presence of Christ as His word, love, obedience, and joy become our own. A healthy soul I sone that is tethered to Christ.
  3. The Soul’s Communion: Our souls are enfolded in living communion with our Triune God and His forever family. Following Jesus isn’t a solo sport, it’s a team effort. To have a soul-connection with God, is to have a soul connection with God’s family. And to abide in the love of God is to love those that God loves. And the only way to do that is in community.


Takeaway: Feed your soul through community.


We need each other deeply at the soul level. There are truths about God you will never see unless others show them to you. There are dimensions to the love of God you will never realize unless you open your heart to others. There are aspects of obedience to Jesus that you cannot live out unless you live your faith around others. There are divine joys you will miss out on unless you enter into relationship with others.


Community is where we gather to feast our souls upon the Word and love of our God. And when it comes to meals, the very best ones are shared.


John 15:4-13