How do we become a person of love? In this sermon, we’ll explore how Jesus is inviting us on a transformational journey to become people of love like Himself. On this transformational journey, there’s a pattern to follow, a power to change, and progress to be made.


  1. Pattern: Jesus is our model of self-giving love. To follow Jesus is to become like Him. It is His pattern that we are to follow.
  2. Power: How are we to become people of love like Jesus? You need a new heart, a clean heart. On the cross, Jesus cleanses our hearts so that the Holy Spirit might come indwell us and transform us from the inside out. The Holy Spirit is transforming us into people of love.
  3. Progress: Becoming a person of love won’t happen in an instant. But the new life must push its way through the compacted soil of years of selfish habits and self-absorbed living. Our selfishness has become a bit of a lifestyle, and we have much relearning to do. We are called to work out what God is working in us, because progress comes through practice. So, in service we practice giving ourselves away in love.


Takeaway: Grow in love through service.


Serving doesn’t just help others, serving changes us. Serving is the laboratory in which God transforms us into people of love.


John 13:1-15


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