We live in a time of overwhelming communication, and yet a lot of what is being said or written has little edifying value to our lives. As the messages flow through our devices, truth is often replaced with personal opinion or speculation. The gospel is also being communicated, but many times it is changed into a different gospel, one that steers us away from the freedom that Jesus offers us by faith.


Could you be living under a different gospel? Here’s five symptoms that you may experience if you are:

  1. You’ve lost your freedom in Christ (2:4)
  2. You live in fear of what others may say (2:12)
  3. You find yourself acting hypocritically (2:13)
  4. You try to build your spiritual life on works (2:18; 3:3-5)
  5. Your spiritual life is a losing battle (2:16; 3;10)


There are four blessings for those living under the one and only gospel of Christ:

  • Freedom to live (4:3-5; 5:1)
  • Heirs with Christ (4:6)
  • Intimacy with God (4:9)
  • A life founded in love (5:6)


Galatians 1:6–7