In this sermon with guest speaker Dr. James Hamilton, we explore the connection between the Old Testament foundation for baptism in Exodus 15 and the New Testament foundation for Peter saying that the flood corresponds to baptism.


The chiastic structure of the song in Exodus informs us about Moses’ intent for the Israelites thousands of years ago and help us relate this passage to our faith today.


15:1–2 I will sing to Yahweh

15:3–4 Yahweh Conqueror . . . Pharaoh . . . into the sea

15:5–10 The Deep/Floods Covered Egypt

15:11–12 Who Is Like You?

15:13–17 New Exodus Conquest of a New Eden

15:18–19 Yahweh King . . . Pharaoh . . . into the sea

15:20–21 Sing to Yahweh


Takeaway: worship looks back to look forward.


Exodus 15:1-21