When Religion Becomes A Ritual

We often think of fear as something to be avoided. But in the Bible, fear is sometimes equated with reverential awe. In fact, to fear God is to rightfully respect Him. For example, fear of God brings knowledge (Proverbs 1:7), wisdom (Psalm 111:10), confidence (Proverbs 14:25), and life (Proverbs 19:23).   In this sermon from … [Read More…] When Religion Becomes A Ritual

Scripture is filled with exhortations to thankfulness. Giving thanks is an essential part of following Christ at all times—and this time in particular, with its fears and upheaval, should especially cause us to reflect on God’s goodness to us and to respond with gratitude. This three-week series challenges us to be thankful no matter the circumstances.


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In a year upended by so much, there’s nothing normal about the “new normal.” Perhaps what we need most is to be reminded of the timeless message of Christmas. This two part series explores passages from Luke 1 and 2. We’ll be reminded together of why Christmas is so important and provides the hope we all need during this season.

Christmas Classics

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