When Death Is Defeated

The resurrection of Jesus Christ changes our hope for the future.   In this passage, we look at three results of the resurrection for our present perspective.   Transformative Change: In heaven, we will experience an instantaneous change, from the perishable to the imperishable. Only Jesus can give us the resurrection change that we need. … [Read More…] When Death Is Defeated

These are one-off messages on special topics preached by our pastoral staff or guest speakers.

Single Messages

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As the presidential election draws near, the divisive rhetoric is consuming our national attention. It’s easy to belittle those who are on “the other side,” and the consequences to our relationships and our witness can be devastating. Now more than ever we need to pause and look at what God’s Word says about living first and foremost as citizens of the Kingdom. Our four-week series, “Citizens of Heaven,” will explore the intersection of Christianity and politics. Let’s equip ourselves with the timeless biblical truths that will help us navigate these uncertain times and maintain a robust witness for the true and only King, Jesus.

Citizens of Heaven

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