Have you ever questioned God’s intentions for your life? Do you wish that God was doing something different through the course of events that you experience? God can seem to answer our prayers in ways that are unexpected and complex.


In this sermon, we’ll be reminded of three important truths that we can hold on to when we question God’s intentions for our lives:

  1. God’s Wisdom is Unfathomable and Glorious: You don’t have to understand God’s wisdom to praise Him for it.
  2. God’s Wisdom is Perplexing and Precious: We are most confused about God’s wisdom when His will for our lives is different than our will for our lives. “When you can’t trust His hand, trust His heart.” God’s purpose is to make us more like Jesus; that’s a purpose we can trust.
  3. God’s Wisdom is Worthy of Trust and Imitation: “The fear (respect) of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.”


God is inviting each of us to a deeper relationship with him. The question is: are you wise enough to pursue Him?


Romans 11:33-36