The Dangers of an Ungrateful Heart

Living life without thanksgiving to God is a dangerous thing. Over time, our lack of thankfulness can degrade our hearts and cause significant damage to our personality and outlook on life.   In this sermon, we look at three dangers of an ungrateful heart: Pride: Thankfulness brings life into perspective and leads to us to … [Read More…] The Dangers of an Ungrateful Heart

Scripture is filled with exhortations to thankfulness. Giving thanks is an essential part of following Christ at all times—and this time in particular, with its fears and upheaval, should especially cause us to reflect on God’s goodness to us and to respond with gratitude. This three-week series challenges us to be thankful no matter the circumstances.


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As the presidential election draws near, the divisive rhetoric is consuming our national attention. It’s easy to belittle those who are on “the other side,” and the consequences to our relationships and our witness can be devastating. Now more than ever we need to pause and look at what God’s Word says about living first and foremost as citizens of the Kingdom. Our four-week series, “Citizens of Heaven,” will explore the intersection of Christianity and politics. Let’s equip ourselves with the timeless biblical truths that will help us navigate these uncertain times and maintain a robust witness for the true and only King, Jesus.

Citizens of Heaven

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