Here’s Hoping

As we wrap up our series on hope, let’s ask ourselves an important question: are we are placing our hope in the right thing? If we have our hope in the right thing, there are three things that should be present in our lives: joy, boldness, and endurance.  Are these qualities proof of true hope … [Read More…] Here’s Hoping

We all hope that this crisis will soon pass and that life will get back to normal. Yet for all our hope, none of us really knows what the next weeks and months will look like. When the Bible talks about hope, is it hope like this? Hope that just wants something to happen, even if it’s just wishful thinking? Or is biblical hope something different, something deeper, something better? In this series we discover how Jesus gives us true hope—even in the midst of a pandemic.

Hope Is Here

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These are one-off messages on special topics preached by our pastoral staff or guest speakers.

Single Messages

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