• February 19, 2021
  • BY Pastor Philip Miller
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Care40 has begun!


Thanks for embarking on this great adventure to share and show the love of Jesus to Chicago over these next 40 days leading up to Easter. I’m praying that these 40 acts of care would be life-changing for our families, our neighborhoods, our coworkers, our church, and ourselves.


Imagine the looks of surprise on people’s faces and the warmth sparked inside their hearts as we reach out in care! Imagine the beauty of our own hearts turning outward in loving service for others, as our Savior has first done for us! Imagine the love of Jesus cascading from one life to another! Imagine the opportunities to share the good news of Jesus! Imagine what might happen!


If you haven’t signed up for TMC News, or want more information about our Care40 initiative, visit moodychurch.org/care40. You’ll find all the details you need there, as well as a link to sign up.


Heavenly Father, we entrust this adventure of Care40 into Your hands. Use us as instruments for Your glory and for the good of those around us. May we shine the light of Jesus all throughout Chicago and around this world. May we be conduits of Your loving care. For it is in Jesus’ name we pray, Amen!


Pastor Philip

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