40 Acts of Caring for Chicagoland

The season of Lent reminds us of Christ’s sacrifice and suffering on our behalf—the greatest act of love the world has ever seen. For believers around the world, Lent is a time of personal sacrifice, a time to reflect Christ’s sacrifice for us. One way to reflect that sacrificial love is to focus on sharing Christ’s care with others.


As a church family, we’re excited to launch Care40, an all-church effort to share the love of Jesus with Chicago in the 40 days leading up to Easter. Each week Pastor Philip will provide specific ideas on how we can reflect Christ’s love through tangible acts of caring for those around us. These 40 days of caring will culminate on Easter Sunday as we rejoice in our Savior’s resurrection together!


We hope you’ll join us for Care40! We’ll be sending Pastor Philip’s messages and suggestions via TMC News, so if you’ve already subscribed you’re all set—there’s no need to do anything else. If you haven’t signed up for TMC News, you can do so below. You can also find the weekly updates here on this page and in the bulletin in Pastor Philip’s Pastor to People. We kick off on Wednesday February 17, so get ready!

Pastor Philip's Weekly Care40 Agenda

From Pastor Philip


Care40 starts today! Thanks for embarking on this great adventure to share and show the love of Jesus to Chicago over these next 40 days leading up to Easter. I’m praying that these 40 acts of care would be life-changing for our families, our neighborhoods, our coworkers, our church, and ourselves.


Imagine the looks of surprise on peoples’ faces and the warmth sparked inside their hearts as we reach out in care! Imagine the beauty of our own hearts turning outward in loving service toward others, as our Savior has first done for us! Imagine the love of Jesus cascading from one life to another! Imagine the opportunities to share the good news of Jesus! Imagine what might happen!


Heavenly Father, we entrust this adventure of Care40 into your hands. Use us as instruments for your glory and for the good of those around us. May we shine the light of Jesus all throughout Chicago and around this world. May we be conduits of your loving care. For it is in Jesus’ name we pray, Amen!


-Pastor Philip

From Pastor Philip


How is Care40 going for you?


I don’t know about you, but Care40 is stretching me in a good way. It’s amazing how the habits of my heart naturally gravitate inward, especially when I’m tired or stressed or in, say, a pandemic. Care40 is helping me look outward, which is so good for my soul. This week one of the things I did was reconnect with a college friend I haven’t talked with in a while. It’s amazing, but God moved that conversation in a way that was sweet and life-giving for both of us. It felt like a divine appointment! I’m so grateful for the nudge Care40 gave me to reach out.


How is God using you to bless others through Care40? If you have a story, we want to hear it! Share it with us by email, voicemail, or video (details in the section below).


I also want to encourage you that it’s not too late to jump in with Care40. If you missed the first week, don’t worry, you can always start today! And if you signed up but forgot to follow, don’t worry. We’re all about grace here. Let me encourage you to jump back in today! The goal is not a unbroken streak of 40 days, but an intentional orientation of our hearts toward the care of others in this season. So keep it up, Moody Church. Let’s keep the Care going!


-Pastor Philip

Care40 hit home this week.


It took us by surprise, but someone decided to bless our family with some groceries as a part of their Care40 this week. And let me tell you, Care40 is fun on the receiving side too! It meant the world to us because it was so thoughtful and came straight from the heart. The pies just sweetened the deal!


So let’s keep it going, friends! You never know what God might do through a simple act of care.


Remember—you are loved, more than you know!


Pastor Philip

We’re almost halfway!


Good job, Moody Church family! We’re almost at the midpoint of Care40. I don’t know about you, but I have been so encouraged to hear the stories of people who are getting creative at serving and caring for their friends, neighbors, and family during this Lenten season.


This week someone shared with us how they have been sharing the gospel with a friend of theirs in conversations over the years, but Care40 pushed them to take the next step and send them a Bible of their very own. This person plans to follow up and see if they’d like to study the Bible together. That’s a tremendously encouraging example. Imagine what God might do through the power of His Word!


Halfway there, halfway to go—let’s keep the Care going!


Pastor Philip

Easter is coming!


It’s hard to believe, but Easter is only two weeks away. Even though everything remains so different this year, Easter is still a great time to invite a friend to join you either in person or online for Easter services. Would you begin praying for someone far from Jesus but near to you with whom you could share Easter this year? It might even be someone you’ve cared for as a part of Care40!


I’m looking forward to celebrating my first Easter with you. Always remember—you are loved, more than you know!


-Pastor Philip

Let’s finish strong!


Care40 has reminded me of the power of the little things. Small acts of kindness. Attentiveness to need. Opportunities everywhere.


It seems that little things really do end up changing the world. Huge canyons are carved out one drop at a time. There’s power in small acts of kindness. The cumulative effect of tiny acts of care may in the end shape the hearts and souls of multitudes.


Maybe this is what Jesus intended? One grain of salt. One ray of light. One mercy at a time.


This is the final week of Care40. We’re in the homestretch. Let’s finish strong together!


-Pastor Philip

Submit Your Care40 Testimonies!

Throughout our Care40 campaign, let’s encourage one another with stories for how God is on the move in Chicagoland. To do that, we’ve created several pathways that you can let us know how God is working through you to bless others in Jesus’ name.


Stories submitted may be used on the website, in-service, or on social media to encourage our church family to show and share the love of Jesus.


Email: Write out your short story of how God is using Care40 by sending us an email at care40@moodychurch.org.


Telephone: Dial +1 872 242 7987‬ and leave a voicemail with your story.


Video: Record a short video (60-90 seconds) of how God used you to love others. Click here to upload your video. On Sharepoint, click “Upload” then “File” to add your video to the folder. Tips for a usable video:

    • Landscape – Please make sure you record the video in landscape view. That means the device or camera should NOT be vertical, but horizontal (longer from side to side).
    • Inside – Chose somewhere inside to record yourselves so as to reduce any ambient noise.
    • Simple Background – If available, please choose a light background. Otherwise, a plain background (wall) is best.
    • Frame Your Face – We want to see your face, not your whole body or the room you’re in. Have the camera at eye level, or above.