Do you wrestle with the idea of God?  Maybe you’re skeptical about whether God exists or can even be known.  Maybe you’re looking for meaning in a world where money, power, and sex ultimately prove meaningless.  Or maybe you’re simply curious about what Christianity teaches.  In 2019, why not put the idea of God to rest once and for all by actively exploring these questions in a safe environment.


In January-February 2019, we explored some tough questions about God, the Bible, suffering, and related topics through a series of sermons and discussion groups. The series, called Explore God, was a unique effort to encourage people in the greater Chicago area to do just that: explore God and these big questions in an open and authentic way.

The 7 Biggest Questions About Faith & Meaning

Does life have a purpose?

Pastor Larry McCarthy


Is there a God?

Pastor Ed Stetzer


Why does God allow pain and suffering?

Pastor Kenny Damara


Is Christianity too narrow?

Pastor Michael Best

Is Jesus really God?

Pastor Bill Bertsche


Is the Bible reliable?

Pastor Erwin Lutzer


Can I know God personally?

Pastor Ed Stetzer

Where Can I Find More Information?

If you’ve got questions or would like to connect with a pastor at our church, please use the contact form at the bottom of the page and we’ll get back to you quickly.


The Explore God website,,  also has a number of resources to explore.  There’s great videos and in depth articles addressing the 7 big questions and so much more.  Keep exploring!

Questions about Explore God?