• October 1, 2018
  • BY Scott Lilly
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We have for our subject this evening, heaven. It is not as some talk about heaven, as just the air. I find a good many people now that think there is no heaven, only just here in this world; that this is all the heaven we will ever see. I talked with a man the other day, who said he thought there is nothing to justify us in believing there is any other heaven than that which we are in now. Well, if this is heaven, it is a very strange kind of heaven—this world of sickness, and sorrow, and sin. If he thinks this is really all the heaven we are going to see, he has a queer idea of it.


There are three heavens spoken of in the Bible, and the Hebrews acknowledge in their writings three heavens. The first is the aerial – the air, the wind, the air that the birds fly in; that is one heaven. Then, there is the heaven of the firmament, where the stars are; and then there is the heaven of heavens, where God’s throne is and the mansions of the Lord are – the mansions of light and peace, the home of the blessed, the home of the Redeemer, where the angels dwell. That is the heaven that we believe in, and the heaven that we want to talk about today. We believe it is just as much a place and just as much a city as New York is, and a good deal more; because New York will pass away, and that city will abide forever. It has foundations, whose builder and maker is God. I do not think it is wrong for us to think about and talk about heaven. I was going to meeting once, some time ago, when I was asked by a friend on the way, “What will be the subject of your speech?” I said, “My subject will be heaven.” He scowled, and I asked, “Why do you look so?” He said: “I was in hopes you would give us something practical tonight. We cannot know anything about heaven. It is all speculation.” Now, all Scripture is given us by the inspiration of God. Some is given for warnings, some for encouragement. If God did not want to think about heaven and talk about it down here, there would not be so much said about heaven in Scripture, and not so many promises about it. If we thought more about those mansions that God is preparing for us, we would be thinking more of things above, and less of things of this earth.


Dear friends, let me ask you the question today, have you got a home beyond the grave? Can you say your name is written in the Lamb’s book of life? Can you rejoice as only Christ’s disciples rejoice, because your name is there? If you cannot, then don’t let the sun go down until the great question of eternity is settled. Let the news flash over the wires of heaven, up to the throne of God, that you want your name there: “Oh, let my name be written in the Book of Life!” And then when your name is called, and there is a voice heard, “Come up hither!” you will go with joy and gladness to meet your Lord and Savior. That great roll is being called; and it will be a very important thing, more important than anything else when the hour comes, that our names be written in the book of life; for God says, except it is written in the book of life, we shall not enter that city. The gates will be closed against us; no one will enter the kingdom of God except those whose names are written in the book of life. So, my friends, let us be wise. Let us see that our names are there; and then let us go to work, and see if we cannot bring our children to Christ.


Fathers and mothers, let us be wise unto eternity, and bring our children into the kingdom with us. But you may say, What has this to do with heaven? You cannot talk about heaven, but the children must be spoke of, “For of such is the kingdom of heaven.” It seems to me, we ought to teach our children so that they will hail with joy the time that they can go to meet Jesus, their blessed Savior. Oh, may the Spirit of the Lord God come upon this assembly to-night, and may we know that our names are written in the kingdom of heaven, and then see that the children whom God has given us are written in the book of life.


~ This is from Mr. Moody’s sermon “Heaven” in The Gospel Awakening

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