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“Why God Used D.L. Moody, Part 7: Definitely Endued with Power from On High” by R.A. Torrey

The seventh thing that was the secret of why God used D. L. Moody was that he had a very definite enduement with power from on High. In his early days he was a great hustler; he had a tremendous desire to do something, but he had no real power. He worked very largely in the energy of the flesh.


But there were two humble Free Methodist women who used to come over to his meetings in the Y.M.C.A. One was “Auntie Cook” and the other, Mrs. Snow. (I think her name was not Snow at that time.) These two women would come to Mr. Moody at the close of his meetings and say: “We are praying for you.” Finally, Mr. Moody became somewhat nettled and said to them one night: “Why are you praying for me? Why don’t you pray for the unsaved?” Auntie Cook once told me of the intense fervor with which Mr. Moody prayed on that occasion. She told me in words that I scarcely dare repeat, though I have never forgotten them. And he not only prayed with them, but he also prayed alone.


Not long after, one day on his way to England, he was walking up Wall Street in New York; (Mr. Moody very seldom told this and I almost hesitate to tell it) and in the midst of the bustle and hurry of that city his prayer was answered; the power of God fell upon him as he walked up the street and he had to hurry off to the house of a friend and ask that he might have a room by himself, and in that room he stayed alone for hours; and the Holy Ghost came upon him, filling his soul with such joy that at last he had to ask God to withhold His hand, lest he die on the spot from very joy. He went out from that place with the power of the Holy Ghost upon him, and when he got to London (partly through the prayers of a bedridden saint in Mr. Lessey’s church), the power of God wrought through him mightily in North London, and hundreds were added to the churches; and that was what led to his being invited over to the wonderful campaign that followed in later years.


~ from Torrey’s “Why God Used D.L. Moody

2 thoughts on “D.L. Moody Weekly: Definitely Endued with Power from on High

  1. This is what I needed to read at this moment and time. Please pray for my family. My husband”s business is going under and he seems lost as to what to do next. The bills are beginning to pile up and I am feeling overwhelmed as to what to do and how to help him. I am praying for God”s direction. Please pray for a job for my husband, wisdom and guidance for us as we take each next step, and discernment for me that I do, say, and pray what is God”s will.

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