• January 31, 2019
  • BY Aimee Lilly
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Christ our Teacher

Perhaps some of you have come to a fork in the road sometimes, and you have not know just which way to turn. I was going to a little town last month to preach the gospel, and I came over a bridge, and I came to a road that ran right across mine, and which way to turn I did not know. There was no guide-post there, and I did not know which way to go. Well, I am talking, perhaps, to a good many in this audience that have come to such a fork in the road in their spiritual life. You have come to a place where you have not known which way to turn. Well, right in here we read that Christ is a teacher. God sent Him down to be our teacher, to be our counsellor, and to be our guide, and if we will have Him He will guide us and teach us the right thing. He did not teach as the Scribes did, He taught with the authority that God had given Him. He did not teach opinions. Men come along now and say they teach their opinions. I would rather have, “This saith the Lord,” than all their opinions. It is not what man says, it is what God says, and when He teaches us, my friends, He will teach us the right way.


Therefore we want Him as our teacher – our guide. I have never known a man, I don’t care how skeptical he has been, if he is willing to let the Lord teach him the way, but what the Lord has taught him. If a skeptic has come in here today, just out of curiosity, I would like to get his ear for about five minutes; I would like to say to him that the God who made you will teach you if you will let him. The greatest trouble with infidelity is its miserable conceit. Infidels are so conceited that they think that they are wiser than Almighty God; they are not willing to let the God who created them teach them. They forget that when man fell in Eden, his reason fell with him. They forget that the God of heaven and earth is greater than their reason, and that God is above their reason.


I once told an old Judge who did not believe, “The God who created me can teach me.” And he smiled and said, “The fact was, Mr. Moody, I thought no one could teach me. I sat down by the fire. I was too proud to get down on my knees. I said, ‘O God, teach me!'” It was an honest prayer. And if there is an honest infidel here today who will make that prayer out of the depths of his heart, God will teach him more in five minutes than all the infidels can teach him in twenty years. He will teach you true wisdom.


~ This is from Mr. Moody’s sermon “What Is Christ to Me?” in The Great Redemption or Gospel Light.

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