We’re a community of university-aged adults from campuses and neighborhoods all throughout Chicago. We gather to use the ancient text of the Bible to navigate the present crossroads of university life and young adulthood.
This season of life is often when we start to grapple with big questions: Where do we come from? (Origin) Why are we here? (Purpose) Are good & evil real? (Morality) What happens to us when we die? (Destiny) We’re also making decisions about higher education, work, marriage, family, politics, and religion. Life is a gift—complex, wonderful, and terrifying—and best lived in community. Join us as we journey with God as our guide.

Weekly | 11:30-1PM | Room 303
Interactive Bible Study | Discussion | Lunch

 Group Options:
Undergrad | Grad Student & Early Career | Women’s Group 

Opportunities that you won’t want to miss
to build friendships and grow together…

Our annual retreat at Gull Lake Ministries
October 11-13, 2024


Sean Melvin was a church planter and pastor of churches in Kansas and Indiana. He’s made his career in telecommunications and has an MBA with an emphasis in data analytics. He is married to Cristina and is a father to four children and lives in Chicago. Sean has a passion for truth enjoys engaging with the difficult questions around our faith.


Sean and his family have been a part of Moody Church since 2019. He and Cristina have served as mentors to the Crossroads community since 2020, before Sean officially stepped into the role of the Pastor for Crossroads in 2023.

2023-24 Crossroads Student Leadership Team

Ford Buterbaugh (Illinois Institute of Technology ’24)

Sydney Bylsma (Moody Bible Institute ’25)

Naomi Gabuna (Moody Bible Institute ’25)

Daniel Gaertner (Moody Bible Institute ’25)

Evan Georgia (Moody Bible Institute ’25)

Renee Kim (Moody Bible Institute ’24) 

Jack Shields (Northwestern Pritzker School of Law ’25)

James Yeh (DePaul University ’25)