We’re a community of college-age (18-25 yr old) people from campuses and neighborhoods all throughout Chicago. We gather because we’re family: children of God the Father, saved by Jesus the Son, strengthened and guided by the Holy Spirit, and informed by God’s Word.


This season of life is often when we start to grapple with big questions: Where do we come from? (Origin) Why are we here? (Purpose) Are good & evil real? (Morality) What happens to us when we die? (Destiny) We’re also making decisions about higher education, work, marriage, family, politics, and religion. Life is a gift—complex, wonderful, and terrifying—and best lived in community. Join us as we journey with God as our guide.

: Pastor Eric Targe

Sunday Mornings | 11:30am-12:30pm | Room 303

If you’re a college-aged person looking to grow in your walk with Christ, connect with other students, and build meaningful relationships within the larger church family, Sunday morning Crossroads is a great place to start!

Right after the main service, we meet on the third floor, where students connect over coffee and refreshments. And have a time of group interactive Bible teaching focused on applying God’s word to the issues students face.

Thursday Nights | 6:30pm-9:30pm | Room 309

Each Thursday night on the third floor we gather from around the city to share a meal together, spend time in musical worship, study God’s Word and apply the passage to our lives in small group discussion and prayer.

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