Upcoming Events

Game Night | January 17th

Join us for a night of mystery, games, food, fun and prizes! You won’t want to miss it!

Prayer Night | February 21st

On February 21st, Crossroads will meet together for a night of prayer and music, as we pray for our universities, our city, and our country. We hope you will join us.

Save The Date| April 18th Spring Retreat

This is a Crossroads favorite! Our SILENT RETREAT.

Do you long to hear God’s voice? Do you ever feel as though your prayers are bouncing off a glace ceiling, or as though God is silent? Have you ever taken time to just listen?

Join us on April 18th for our day-long Silence & Delight Retreat. This year there will be an option to come the day before to spend the evening at this beautiful site in Orangeville, Illinois


$15 for 24hr Retreat (5pm 4/17 to 5pm 4/18)

$10 for 8hr Retreat (9am to 5pm on 4/18)

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