Date April 17, 2015
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whirlyballbumperJoin us Thursday night April 30, as Crossroads goes out to play WhirlyBall!

What’s WhirlyBall? Imagine bumper cars, lacrosse, and basketball meshed into one hilarious game, and you’ve got WhirlyBall. You don’t need agility, speed, or strength to play. All you need is a great sense of …


Four Reasons To Believe That Jesus Really Rose

Date April 3, 2015
Author Pastor Eric D. Naus
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risenIt’s Easter season, and even in a modern, secular society like ours, discussions about Jesus make their way into the media, the classroom, and everyday conversation. 

As a Christian interacting with friends, colleagues, classmates, and family members, you might find yourself faced with this question: “How can you Christians …


The Other Side of Prayer

Date April 1, 2015
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prayerWe often think of prayer as simply “talking to God.”  Indeed, it’s an awesome privilege to speak daily with the God of the universe!  But, have you ever thought about the “other side of prayer,” namely listening to God as he talks to us?

On Sunday afternoons, April 12 …