• October 16, 2018
  • BY Sharon Feil
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Because of God’s Great Love for Us, He treats People Fairly

Zelophehad’s Daughters

How have you seen unfair situations handled?  Have the two parties been reasonable or contentious; have they worked toward compromise or dug in their heels?  Let’s look at how God handled a request from five women that required a precedent setting decision for the whole nation.

Read Numbers 27:1-11

  • Who are Zelophehad’s Daughters? Where did they go (1,2)? Who was there (2)?
  • What was their request (3,4)? How much courage do you think it took to make this request?  How did their request show their faith in God?
  • How did Moses respond (5)?
  • What did the LORD say (7-11)?

Read Numbers 36:1-13

  • What was the question raised by the leaders of Manassah concerning the issue of daughters inheriting their father’s land (2-4)? Do you think it was a reasonable concern?
  • What was Moses’ decision (5,6)? How did he arrive at this answer (5,6)?
  • What freedoms were the daughters given (6)? What restriction (6)?
  • How did the daughters respond (10,11)? How did their actions show faith in God?

What does this story teach about God’s character re impartiality?  How do we react when procedures or rules are questioned?  Where do we seek answers to tough situations?  How do we respond when treated unfairly?

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