• March 21, 2021
  • BY Scott Lilly
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Thomas Watson: “The Service of the Angels”

To do God’s will sincerely is to do it with a pure eye to God’s glory. This is to do God’s will as the angels, when we not only advance God’s glory, but desire God’s glory. The angels are not afraid to cast their crowns before God’s throne (Revelation 4:6-10). Crowns are signs of greatest honor, but these crowns the angels lay at the Lord’s feet, to show they ascribe the glory of all they do to him.


We do God’s will as it is done in heaven by the angels, when we do it willingly. The angels love to be employed in God’s service, ‘tis the angels’ heaven to serve God. They willingly descend from heaven to earth, when they bring messages from God and glad tidings to the church. Now heaven being a place of much joy, the angels would not leave it a minute of the hour, only that they take such infinite delight in doing God’s will (Hebrews 1:6-7).


We do God’s will as the angels of heaven, when we do it readily and swiftly. The angels do not dispute or reason the case, but as soon as they have their charge and commission from God: they immediately obey. Thus, should we do God’s will as the angels; as soon as ever God speaks the word, we should be ambitious to obey. Alas! How long is it sometimes ‘ere we can get leave of our hearts to go to a duty.


We do God’s will as the angels in heaven, when we do it constantly. The angels are never weary of doing God’s will, they serve God day and night (Revelation 7:17). Constancy crowns obedience. We should continue in doing God’s will, because of the great loss which will befall us, if we give over doing God’s will.


~ From The Lord’s Prayer

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