• February 8, 2018
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While every Pastoral Search Committee meeting is a little different, each meeting involves two core components: prayer and the discussion of potential candidates.


First, because the Committee knows that the search for a Senior Pastor will be successful only if God directs the search, each meeting is centered around prayer. The meeting begins and ends with prayer, and in the middle of the meeting, the Committee breaks up into groups and spends time in prayer.  Psalm 32:8 has been an important verse for the Committee throughout the meeting process: “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you.” The Committee fervently seeks the Lord’s instruction and counsel, and asks that you continue to lift up the process in prayer as well.


Second, the Committee discusses each of the potential candidates on the Committee’s list. There are typically three or four names on the list for discussion at a meeting, and in preparation for each meeting, the Committee members watch or listen to two or three sermons for each potential candidate. This allows the Committee to assess preaching style and ability, and gain insights into the potential candidate’s theology.


Look for a future blog post about what particular criteria the committee uses when listening to and discussing sermons.

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6 thoughts on “What goes on at a typical Pastoral Search Committee meeting?

  1. Holy Father, may your people honor your name and gorify you in their lifestyle of worship which is founded upon Christ, the cornerstone. Give wisdom to the pastoral search committee as they try to discern which candidate is best for lead teaching pastor. Open the eyes of everyone to see which candidate’s spiritual gifts can be used to edify the church as one body in Christ. Appoint a man after your own heart to lead the people at Moody. May your Holy Spirit fill him completely so that he may carry out the mission you have given him. Amen.

  2. Suggest a new announcement that the Search Committee continues to work to find Senior Lead Pastor at The Moody Church and still accepting new applications. Richard Klein

    1. Hi Brandy – Pastor Lutzer stepped down as our senior pastor in May 2016. He’s still actively involved with our Moody Church Media ministry. God bless!

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