Neuroscience tells us we’re constantly imitating others. When we observe someone else doing something, our neurons fire a sequence in our brain that is the exact sequence used when we then do the very same action ourselves. In seeing it, our brain experiences it, and then we do it ourselves. We are constantly mirroring what we see, and we tend to mirror each other’s posture. This is especially true of people we admire or see regularly. Whether we realize it or not, we’re all mirroring, patterning, and imitating… we’re all following someone. Or to use the Bible’s language, we’re all disciples of someone. We don’t get to choose if we want to be disciples, we can’t help it, but we do get to choose who we’ll be disciples of.


Whoever gets our admiration, attention, affections, that’s who we’ll mirror, pattern, imitate, and follow. In this passage, we glean three reasons why Jesus is someone worth following.


1) Jesus knows life. Jesus’ life is one of wholeness, completeness. He brings together in unity traits we rarely see in combination. In other words, Jesus embodies what it means to be truly, fully human. He knows how to live life, abundant life. And here’s the good news: Jesus offers us apprenticeship in living.


2) Jesus knows us, even better than we know ourselves. Do you realize that Jesus knows you all the way down? Even the part of you that you don’t know? He knows you completely, and loves you utterly. To be known completely and loved utterly is nothing short of transformation. And that’s exactly what Jesus offers us, a transformation in our identity. He knows you completely, He loves you utterly, and He forgives you entirely.


3) Jesus know heaven. He is the nexus between heaven and earth. He’s the ladder between heaven and earth. He’s the one who brings heaven down to earth. He’s the way, the truth, and the abundant life. Because Jesus truly knows heaven, He offers us eternity in Himself.


Won’t you come and see? No one knows life like Jesus, no one knows us like Jesus, and no one knows heaven like Jesus. Jesus will have you as you are. Come and see!


John 1:35-51


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