Jesus loves me, this I know… What if that’s actually the key to an identity so free, so abundantly full of life, so solid and lasting that all other identities fade into insignificance?


For John, his most defining, grounding, and meaningful identity was found in the simple fact that he was and always would be loved by Jesus. In the end, nothing else mattered. All his accomplishments, connections, titles, writings, and even his very life faded in comparison to the blazing reality that he was loved by Jesus. That’s the kind of love that changed John forever. What if the secret to finding ourselves is to be deeply and profoundly loved by Jesus? This series is an invitation to, like John, experience the identity-transforming, life-giving love of Jesus; to discover this Jesus who turned John’s world upside-down and right-side-up.


We all want to be pursued, wanted, and loved. Do you realize that the God of the universe loves you; He desires you; He rejoices over you; He is reaching out to you and for you. He’d move heaven and earth to be near you. In fact, He already has. He sent his Logos, not in the abstract, but in the flesh. The “Ultimate Cosmic Reality” and “Agent of Divine Life” has taken up residence among us, making glory, grace, and truth accessible to each one of us.


Won’t you come and see Jesus?


John 1:1-18


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