In this passage from the end of John 8, we catch a glimpse of Jesus’ amazing glory. There are three glorious offers he gives us, but each has a tough reality that we must face. Because when the Son breaks through, we’re either drawn to his beauty or blinded by the light, there really no room in between.


  1. Jesus offers Freedom to those who admit their bondage. There are two groups of people here; those who admit they’re slaves to sin, who look to Jesus to set them free; and those who insist they’re actually free, when they’re really not. Sin always looks like freedom until it’s too late. Sin always enslaves us in the end. Jesus offers freedom, but there’s a catch: freedom only comes when we admit our bondage. So we must ask ourselves: do we really want to be free?
  2. Jesus offer a Father to those who own their devilry. In all of this, Jesus is making an appeal. He’s saying: “You’re living in enslavement to sin, and you’re under the power of the devil. But I’m here that you might have life! I’m here to set you free! I’m here that you might no longer be slaves… but sons! I’m here to bring you home, that my Father might indeed be your Father!” But the catch is, that if you want God as your Father, you have to admit your sinful heart.
  3. Jesus offers Forever to those who honor His deity. Again, there are two groups of people. Those who believe (the disciples are there) and honor Jesus as “my Lord and my God” as Thomas will do, and those with stones in their hands. Jesus takes away the middle ground; you can either crucify Him as a liar and lunatic, or your can worship Him as Lord and live forever.


Takeaways: We are far worse off than we think, Jesus is far better than we realize, and there is far more at stake then we imagine. As human beings apart from grace, we’re in a desperate world of hurt. Jesus alone can be our Savior, because he alone is I AM.


Do you want to be free? Do you want God as your Father? Do you want to live forever? Jesus offers us all of this, if only we would admit our sin and worship Him.


John 8:31-59


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