The most interesting people tend to have both consistency and creativity wedded together. This dynamic pairing is embodied by Jesus.


In this sermon, we explore six unexpected glimpses of Jesus’ personality:

  1. Unexpected Timing (vs. 1–13)
    • Jesus is operating on His Father’s timetable. Jesus arrives precisely when He means to, not a moment too late or too soon.
  2. Unexpected Intentions (vs. 14–24)
    • Jesus’ teaching is from His Father.
    • Jesus’ motive is His Father’s glory.
    • Jesus’ work is accomplishing His Father’s will.
  3. 3) Unexpected Origins (vs. 25–29)
    • Jesus comes from the Father.
  4. Unexpected Destiny (vs. 30–36)
    • Jesus will return to the Father.
  5. Unexpected Offering (vs. 37–39)
    • Jesus offers fulfillment of the Spirit in himself.
  6. Unexpected Division (vs. 40–52)
    • Jesus is pushing them to the brink of a decision.


Takeaway: What will you do with this Jesus?


John 7:1-52


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